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Take advantage of all the great services provided by our mini storage company in Ridgecrest, California, including cargo containers, trucking services, and contractor services. For more than 38 years, Bertrand Enterprises has been providing all of the services you need at a very competitive price. The services we provide are a step above the competition, which means you'll be doing yourself a favor by contacting us at (760) 446-6600 today or visiting one of our multiple locations.

Selt-Storage Unit - Cargo Containers in Ridgecrest, CA Our Available Services Include:
     • Cargo Containers
     • Mini Storage
     • Selt-Storage
   • RV Park Services
   • Trucking Services
  • Contractor Services
     —Grading and Paving
Mini Storage Services
Bertrand Enterprises provides you with reasonable prices, bug and dust free mini storage spaces that will help you keep your belongings safe without causing clutter in your home or office. These mini storage units start at 8'x8' in size and go up to 8'x40' in size and range in price between $35 per month to $100 per month. They are not air-conditioned and rent is on a month-to-month basis.
Buy & Sell Cargo Containers
Are you looking to buy or sell cargo containers? Bertrand Enterprises can help. We are looking to rent and sell cargo containers between 8'x20' and 8'x40' in size at reasonable prices. Get in contact with us today for more information if you want to buy or sell cargo containers.

We also offer Contractor Services
Let us help you with your building needs! This includes grading, paving, landscaping, rock/sand and other services. Contact Us today for more information!

Call us today at (760) 446-6600 for any of the great services provided by our mini storage company.